About us

How it all started

Back in 1992 Machine Trading International (MTI) was founded and registered as a machinery trade company. Already during the same year, our first customers’ specific crane requirement was identified and then satisfied. In this way MTI entered the international market already during its first year of existence and really made a name for itself.

The new idea behind MTI was to make use of the fluctuation in building activities which is experienced throughout various nations and turn it to an advantage. Weaker markets will release a given plant at a favourable price, whereas a prosperous market somewhere else will experience a stronger demand for the same plant. Thanks to our concept as a company with international operations, MTI did not only have the opportunity to supply machinery which was not available on a given customer’s national market, we were even able to supply the required machinery at a very favourable price.

In the course of time MTI specialized on the field of tower cranes, i.e. we picked out a small part within the wide segment og construction machinery, a fact which increases our competence in the market. In addition we have many years of experience in this segment, knowledge and expertise acquired directly in working with the various manufacturers. However, we will gladly offer other cranes and building machines on request.

These are the services we offer you

Competition in the field of used tower cranes is stiff. However, we believe that you are best served in placing your inquiry with us! We possess exact and highly updated information on the market situation and have a worldwide network of relations within this field of business. That is why we feel sure to be able to offer you a suitable plant at a favourable price.

In case you wish to sell a plant, we would of course also be able to find a new owner for it or to inform you, what price you can ask.

However, the MTI-LUX S.A. efforts do not end with purchase or sale. We will also by all means organize the transport of your crane, all over the world if needed. Furthermore, with us you have competent contact persons available to help you handle international settlement of projects, and we will assist you to solve any technical questions concerning your machine. MTI-LUX S.A. will find the solution to most of your problems, with the greatest of pleasure. Problems may occur, but it should not cost you your time to solve them.

So, MTI-LUX S.A. will supply you with more than just a tower crane. Support during the project process, finding answer to technical questions and solutions to problems and reacting to your direct needs and new situations – this is our real business.

We are a small, yet very flexible organization. Our fixed costs are small, so as a service provider, you are sure to find our prices reasonable. Why not try us? We will gladly serve you.


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Email: info@mti-lux.com

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